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Our clients look to us to provide the insight, answers and execution of strategies we recommend. We will provide tax-planning strategies to minimize the income tax you pay and ensure you do not pay unnecessary interest and penalties. In addition, we provide management and financial advisory services for acquisitions, joint ventures, alliances, expansion, sales and divestitures, infrastructure improvements and company development. Our services are provided to non-profit organizations including schools and churches.


  • Preparing timely extensions and estimated income tax coupons.

  • Planning for business losses and filing necessary elections.

  • Accelerated depreciation.

  • Should you incorporate your business?

  • Should you form an LLC?

  • "C" or "S" types of corporation, what are the benefits and disadvantages of both.

  • Recommend any possible expenses you may be missing.

  • How should you pay yourself?

  • Pension planning.

  • Real Estate Accounting, IRS Problems Resolution, Information Consulting Services, Document Management, Custom Applications

  • Quotes are available upon request



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